British Vogue Website Review & Ratings + British Vogue Coupons
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British Vogue Website Review & Ratings + British Vogue Coupons

British Vogue : Products & Services

The website of British Vogue offers its readers the chance to get their dose of fashion trends, photo shoots and gossip that goes around it the glamour world. The British Vogue is the internet extension of the magazine that also acts as an archive for magazine editions of yesteryear. The website discusses the latest fashion trends and happenings around the globe. The website offers an insight into the fashion world and its layout is very easy and makes viewing the website a very enjoyable experience. The website is as good as the magazine and is a must use especially its iPad app lets customers read through it even when on the move.

British Vogue : Company Background

The magazine has been published since 1916 by the publishing house Conde Nast Publishing based in New York, USA. The publishing hose successfully publishes several other magazines such as Vanity Fair and New Yorker. The company has been around since 1909 and in the 104 years of its existence has grown by leaps and bounds to make sure that the company and its published magazines are well liked by readers and critics alike.

British Vogue : Customer Feedback & Reviews

May writes “This magazine does not necessarily cater to only rich people. Who says that a person should only buy a magazine when she is going to get the exact clothes featured in it? I am definitely no millionaire. I'm 16 years old and still in High school, but I enjoy this magazine immensely. Of course I don’t slip out to Marc Jacobs when I’m done reading and get myself the shirt on page 79, but I do look at the styles so i can understand the new trends and just inspire myself some. Magazines don’t always have to be realistic. Fashion is about pursuing beauty and coveting beauty, and if all magazines only featured "affordable clothes' from Wal-Mart and Old Navy, well. I really wouldn’t know what that would be like. “Teen Vogue" is a pure fashion magazine. It isn’t an all-round magazine for young girls. It’s only fashion. And it does a great job at what it strives for. The fashion is great and the taste is great, the shoots are amazing. a former reviewer recommended "Seventeen" and I want to note that "Seventeen" is a different type of magazine entirely. Seventeen is extremely mainstream bubblegum and is not very fashion orientated. Personally I do not like that magazine but I’m not going to condemn it here.”. Another Writer writes “If you enjoy cutting up magazines to make collages or hang full pages on your wall, this magazine is for you. That sounds derogatory, but what I'm trying to highlight here is the beautiful shoots and intriguing advertisements. This wonderful publication is receiving too much negative hype on this site, and if you appreciate fashion and photography, I suggest you check this magazine out at a drugstore, grocer... whatever. It's DEFINITELY worth the look.”.

The magazine enjoys a lot of positive feedback and makes sure that the website is liked by its readers.

British Vogue : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The magazine has been published since 1916 and has a circulation of 220,000 magazines monthly. The company that publishes the magazine has been around for more than a century and has no lawsuits against its self or any of the magazines that it publishes. The website and the magazine have a lot of following and it is safe to say that the website is very credible.

British Vogue : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global ranking of 10,567 and a UK ranking of 1,602. Google Page Rank gives the website a score of 8 out of a possible 10. Compete gives the website a rank of 41,207 and a unique monthly average of 43,496. The website is ranked 5th among its competition. The website can be deemed as popular judging by the stats that are provided.

British Vogue : Social Media Presence

The website and magazine are quite famous and enhances its reader base and viewership by promoting itself online on social media. The company uses the twitter account @BritishVogue and has 997,816 and has 31,339 tweets to its credit. The social media outlet is used to ensure it maintains its presence among its fans and readers. The FaceBook page of the magazine has 250,116 likes and is used to promote the magazine’s ratings and brand image as a whole. The magazine has used social media to promote it self quite well.

British Vogue : Website Security & Safety

According to Google Safe Browsing Diagnosis, the website is not suspicious and is free from malware and viruses. The website does not have any self installing software on any of its pages that were tested. In the last 90 days the website has not been reported to have any malicious content on it. The website has adequate security and uses SSL security protocol to ensure consumer safety. Overall the website can be deemed as safe.

British Vogue : Pricing & Packages

The website offers no products or services that require any prices or payments for that matter. The website is a free to use website and offers articles, blogs and other fashion related material. The content available is not chargeable so no prices are charged or any prices guidelines are there that are to be followed.

British Vogue : Shipping Rates & Policies

The website does not offer any products that require any shipping; hence no shipping rates or policies are available.

British Vogue : Payment Methods Accepted

The website does not offer services or products that require payments to be made. The website is a free to use website and is an online presence of the original printed magazine. So it offers no services that require payments to be made. Therefore no payment methods are present on the website.

British Vogue : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The website offers magazines that are part of a subscription service. Customers who buy the subscription agree to terms and conditions of the company. The website therefore does not offer any refunds for magazines bought but does offer to cancel remaining subscriptions and does so, on the reader’s request. The website itself is an internet edition of the magazine, hence its web services are offered without charge and no refunds are offered on web based services.

British Vogue : Product images & screenshots
British Vogue Coupons
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